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The late Peter Tyropolis and his wife, Voula, opened D.F. Scott Ė George, in 1981.  Originally from Mytilini, Greece, they settled in Oudshoorn, S.A. in 1961.  Knowing nothing about the FMCG and wholesale business, they made a monumental decision:


In 1981, they accepted a challenging offer and opened a wholesale operation situated in George.  Vula said, that they started with nothing and initially life was very difficult but with time the business improved.


Tragedy struck the Tyropolis family in 1990 when the family lost Peter.  With little other alternative, Voula was forced to take 19-year-old George away from his studies and put him to work in the wholesale business.  George had to rely upon his recollections from the past i.e. working alongside his father over school holiday periods. 


Voula then taught her young son all she and her husband had learned, the hard way, from day to day trading experience in the hostile FMCG wholesale business arena.


Young George Tyropolis, behaved like a man possessed, a true entrepreneur whose time had arrived. With vision and determination, tireless passion and total dedication, he worked extended hours and set about expanding not only the physical size of the store, he increased the storeís customer base and ability to reach outlining areas.  The original store was 2000 sq. meters and employed 15 staff members.  Today, it is over 4000 sq. meters with ample loading, receiving and packing areas.  There are 28 Gondola ends with 8 till points with bar code scanners.



The late Peter Tyropolis.

The entire store are fully computerised and networked with 48 members of staff. 

It equates and competes successfully with all the major chains.


Furthermore, the management and staff of D.F. Scott, George enjoys supporting the surrounding community;

they are well known for the golf days that they host at George Golf Club.


Today, 39-year-old George has evolved into a very successful businessman. He has created the awesome trading empire that

D.F. Scott has become renowned for.  For Voula, he has more than fulfilled his fatherís dreams.


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